furniture repairs

As a furniture maker, I have a responsibility to ensure that the timber I buy is from reputable companies who source their materials sustainably and do not cause irreparable environmental damage. Equally, I encourage and help people to repair furniture they already have, and in particular to prolong the lives of heritage pieces made from high quality woods that would be expensive and difficult to come by today.

It is easy simply to replace something that has been damaged, however we cannot combat the loss of precious habitats and climate change if we throw away things that, with a bit of care, could continue to be used.

Quality wooden furniture, old and new, has the great advantage of being repairable. Joints can be re-glued, tops re-finished and broken pieces replaced. With skill and sympathy, old favourites can be restored or re-purposed and valued for years to come. That is what will happen to the dining table shown below now that it has a new set of legs.


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