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Bespoke furniture is special because clients participate in the design process. My role is to help them explore their needs, ideas and preferences, and then to accentuate the features and finish of  materials that have been carefully and responsibly chosen. This collaborative effort is stimulating for a furniture maker and rewards clients with unique pieces that elevate their homes and work spaces.

This gallery shows some of the cabinets, tables, desks, fitted wall units and bookcases I have made. It is an indication of the variety of my designs and the range of materials I work with.

Whether furniture is freestanding or fitted, it can add a further dimension to the place it is measured, designed and made for. By combining traditional skills and techniques with favoured woods like oak and walnut, I create enduring furniture that meets practical needs but has appeal and character.

I encourage anyone to commission furniture rather than spend lots of time searching for something that may not be made to high construction or environmental standards.

how to commission me

Approaching a furniture maker rather than a salesperson may seem intimidating, but it is the best way to ensure something meets your practical needs and aesthetic ideals, is in proportion to where you intend to put it, and is made of robust materials.

Enquiries are typically followed up with a visit to discuss preferences for style, timber and finish, to assess a space and to get accurate measurements. Like preferences, budget is an important aspect of any enquiry and potential clients are guided through all the possible options from the start. If we decide to progress to the next stage, drawings will be produced together with a price and estimated completion date. When an instruction to proceed is given, a deposit is required to purchase materials and the balance is invoiced on delivery. In most circumstances there is no charge or obligation for my design and quotation service, however I do reserve the right to charge and to deduct that fee from a project if it is commissioned.

Unique designs require thought, and anything handmade takes time to prepare and craft. So, while a bespoke service does not necessarily equate to luxury prices, it is not possible to provide superior materials and a personalised service at the same cost as an off-the-shelf product. I am fortunate to work with people looking for distinctive, durable furniture for where they live, work and relax, and I hope I may be able to help you.


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