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From fitted cupboards to replacement church doors; converted attic spaces to radiator covers; panelling in a stable to custom-made stable-style kitchen doors, I undertake a wide range of internal and external joinery projects. As a furniture designer and maker, I craft joinery that is attractive, functional and takes into consideration how, when and how often it will be used.

Modern living, with its gadgets and possessions, often needs new and creative ideas for built-in storage. Whether it is a prominent feature of a family room, or an awkward space under the stairs or roof, fully bespoke can be the only approach and solution.

interior and exterior joinery

fitted cupboards

all types of doors

radiator covers

making use of every space

Doors come in all shapes, sizes and designs, yet few are easily replaced. Handmade and made-to-measure is the best way to ensure a door is well-fitted and well made, and I make all types – from front and internal doors to barn, garage and church doors. Clients have also asked me to replace gates, window frames and greenhouses.

Exterior joinery must stand up to the elements. Knowing and sourcing the right woods, and using the best construction techniques, are essential to making things that last.


Carefully selected, quality materials

Sustainable and long-lasting

Competitive pricing

All work insured


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